• Placing of awnings to measure according to the need of each client.
  • We have of wide range of colours of herrajes and of canvases of awnings. Acrylic canvases, canvases screen and canvases soltis.
  • We have of several models of awnings, according to his type of balcony, window or terrace.
  • Placing in domicile and withdrawal of the old awning if necessary.
  • We motorise awnings for his comfort with marks of tall resistance and reliability like seagull, cherubini and somfy.
  • Also we plant special sensors that detect the start of sun , wind and rain, and do the collected of awning without the need to be in the domicile.

Models of awnings: invisible Arm Stor (awning to rail). Straight point. Sliding awnings. Sliding awning with palilleria. Curtains. Vertical awnings. Cofre. Capotas. Changes of canvas of all the awnings. We take measured to domicile - Diseño de paginas - Guia comercial de el prat